Building trust and accountability in a data-driven age to safeguard customer information in the vulnerable business landscape

Customer Privacy and Data Protection India Summit

In a billion-strong nation, there are nearly 500 million active internet users and India's online market is second to China. Internet penetration has grown in the last five years, thanks to the growth of startups, e-commerce companies and technology offerings across industries.

Technology is one of the major forces transforming our lives. However, its misuse causes detrimental effects. The digital era has opened up various concerns such as data theft, scams, eavesdropping, cyberbullying, to name a few, with the overarching concern on the intrusion to the privacy of individuals

Urbanization, digitization and changing lifestyles have resulted in a growing demand amongst Indians for privacy and protection of the information they share, specifically on digital platforms. In the wake of recent developments and the Supreme Court holding 'Right to privacy' as a fundamental right lays the corner stone for a strong data privacy regime in India.

In answer to consumers' increasing concern and scrutiny on how their data is being utilised, managed and secured by corporations, data privacy and protection regulations around the globe are fast changing and expanding.

The Customer Privacy and Data Protection India Summit will bring stalwarts from various industries under one roof to discuss and share thoughts and experiences about the evolving privacy and data protection regulatory regime in India.



  • Reviewing current data protection law and the role of data protection officer
  • Technologies for data protection, customer experience and improving data governance
  • Privacy by design, mitigating insider threats and Right to be Forgotten
  • Securing data on cloud and Cyber ecosystem
  • Cross border data transfers, data integrity and data architecture
  • Data privacy programme and data loss prevention


  • Building a trust-based relationship with your customers through data confidentiality, privacy and security
  • Maintaining data integrity using effective data lifecycle management from data collection through to data storage
  • Strengthening your data compliance processes by leveraging emerging technologies and automation
  • Minimise data breaches, thefts and operational risks with an effective governance framework Liquidity


Functional heads of:
  • Operations
  • Data Privacy, Management & Protection
  • Information Security & Cyber Security
  • Ethics, Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Sales & Marketing